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Young Animators Shine in Collaborative Workshop

This fall and winter, we had an amazing opportunity to spend some time with 40 young and motivated students in a 27-hour workshop class to teach them about animation. This workshop was a sweet collaboration between Axtaar Animation Studio, Vcast Innovation Center, and Ansoo Academy.

Last Friday, in our final class, students presented their final projects, and our judges chose the best ones. People whose work was chosen could use our co-work space and attend our future classes. They also have the opportunity for mentoring by Amir Saharkhiz (Axtaar CEO and Founder) and Hoda Esnaashari.

We are so happy to see these young people and future animators in this workshop, and we feel honored to work with them on this project.

For those inspired by the incredible journey of these young animators and eager to embark on their creative path, make sure to stay tuned for future opportunities! Follow Axtaar Animation Studio on LinkedIn to receive timely notifications about upcoming workshops, collaborations, and exciting ventures in the world of animation.

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