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Live Action

At Axtaar Studio, we also specialize in producing live-action content. Our team’s ability to seamlessly blend animation and live-action elements enables us to create visually stunning and innovative content that sets us apart in the industry. We share the same dedication to storytelling and creating immersive worlds in our live-action projects as we do in our animation and VFX services. We strive to deliver impactful and memorable experiences for our clients and audiences alike. Our expertise in both animation and live-action production makes us a versatile and dynamic creative studio that can tackle a wide range of projects and deliver exceptional results.

What we do?

Axtaar Studios’ activities in Live Action feature films, TV series and short films showcase our exceptional animation skills, innovative storytelling, and visually stunning productions.

Feature Films

Visually stunning and engaging feature films that showcase the teams' talent.

Tv Series

Captivating and diverse, tailored to audiences of all ages and interests.

Short Films

Innovative and thought-provoking, often exploring themes that are challenging and outside the box.


Axtaar’s diverse and impressive portfolio includes a range of visually stunning and engaging productions across various techniques.